Wednesday, May 11, 2011

A Lot to Catch Up On!

A year later and I am still not eating meat...........but that is not all that we have been up to. We have had a very busy year! Here are the highlights since my last post:
We spent last summer hanging out at the baseball field watching both Colton and Carter's teams. We spent weekends hanging out at the lake with family. We took a family trip to St. Louis and Colton got a new look when he started wearing glasses. In August Colton started 4th grade which meant a new building and a locker. Kylie started 1st grade and Carter started kindergarten! I also tackled 15 hours moving to seated classes rather than online courses. Over Labor Day weekend we took the kids on a trip to Chicago, where we tried "real" Chicago style pizza (however we still prefer Monicals). Kyle surprised the kids when he brought them home a puppy, which they named Cooper. Carter also started playing soccer and was able to join Kylie's team. In October Kylie turned 7. In November Kyle ran the Bass Pro Half Marathon in 1hr 50 mins and Carter lost his first tooth. In December Kylie joined Girl Scouts, Carter turned 6 and Colton turned 10 on Christmas Day. We spent New Years visiting the family in Illinois. In January Colton and Carter starting basketball and I started classes again. In February Kylie did the cheer clinic and sold Girl Scout cookies. In March, Carter got the hang of reading. In April , Kyle, Kiley Corban and myself ran the Illinois Half Marathon in Campaign, running through the U of I campus, where Kyle graduated from. Now in May, the kids are getting antsy for summer vacation to start, I am getting ready for finials and baseball is starting back up with Carter moving to coach pitch.

Looking forward we have another busy summer of baseball, Austin and Emery's Wedding and the kids will have another cousin this fall when my sister has her baby!

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